RELAI T72M 5D155-12 PCB - REL005

 RELAI T72M 5D155-12 PCB  - REL005
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RELAI T72M 5D155-12 PCB


RELAY T72M 5D155-12 PCB

16 V switching rating 60 A inrush 15 A continuous contact rating °C - Immersion cleanable plastic case with nipp-off pin for ventilation - Low profile package has a seated height of only 0.67" (17 mm)
 Typical applications
- Lighting controls - Power door locks, windows, sunroof - Seat controls - Remote keyless entry - Body computer - Wiper/washer control - ABS/Traction control - Body control modules - Power sliding door Please contact Tyco Electronics for relay application support.
All parametric, environmental and endurance tests are performed according to EIA Standard RS-407-A at standard test conditions unless otherwise noted: 23 °C ambient temperature, 20-50% RH, (998.9 ±33.9 hPa). Please also refer to the Application Recommendations in this catalog for general precautions.
All technical performance data apply to the relay as such, specific conditions of the individual application are not considered. Please always check the suitability of the relay for your intended purpose. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for not complying herewith. We recommend to complete our questionnaire and to request our technical service. Any responsibility for the application of the product remains with the customer only. All specifications are subject to change without notification. All rights of Tyco are reserved.
 Mounting holes View of the terminals (Bottom view)
Typical areas of application Contact configuration Circuit symbol (see also Pin assignment) Resistive / inductive loads Changeover contact/ Form C
Rated voltage Rated current 85 °C Contact material Max. switching voltage/power Max. switching current1) On2) Off Min. recommended load4) Voltage drop 10 A (initial) Mechanical endurance (without load) Electrical endurance (example of resistive load) Max. switching rate at nominal load
12 V NC/NO A AgNi0.15 See load limit curve NC/NO 5 V Typ. 50 mV, 300 max. for NC/NO contacts > 107 operations 105 operations 14 V, resisitive load on NO contact 6 operations per minute (0.1 Hz) NC/NO A AgSnO2
The values apply to a resistive or inductive load with suitable spark suppression and at maximum 13.5 V for 27 V for 24 V load voltages. For a load current duration of maximum 3 s for a make/break ratio 1:10. 3) Corresponds to a peak inrush current on initial actuation (cold filament). 4) See chapter Diagnostics in our Application Recommendations on page 18 of this catalog or consult the internet at
 Safe breaking, arc extinguished (normally open contact) for resistive loads.