L9950TR - Volvo door actuator driver - DRI13

L9950TR - Volvo door actuator driver   -   DRI13
  • Fabricante: SA1955
  • Fabricante - Catálogo n.º: L9950TR, 0346613687956, PWRSO-36 9950 L9950
Produto n.º: DRI13
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Product Information

Door actuator driver  L9950TR with bridges for door lock
and safe lock, mirror axis control, mirror fold
and highside driver for mirror defroster and four
10W-light bulbs.

The L9950TR are microcontroller
driven multifunctional door actuator driver for
automotive applications.Up to five DC motors and
five grounded resistive loads can be driven with
six half bridges and five highside drivers. The
integrated standard serial peripheral interface
(SPI) controls all operation modes (forward,
reverse, brake and high impedance). All
diagnostic informations are available via SPI.