Actuador de Turbo (geometria) para turbos Garrett Diesel G-206 BMW - ACM005

Actuador de Turbo (geometria) para turbos Garrett Diesel G-206 BMW - ACM005
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 complete NEW aftermarket Turbo Actuator GEARBOX
Calibrated and fully assembled aluminum housing
with motor, gears and CIPOS.

 For Turbo Actuators assembled on
Garrett turbo’s, used on most popular diesel engines.
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Exceptions/Problem areas

Diagnostic failure rate from these Turbo Actuators:
1. 80% have a mechanical failure in the Turbo Actuator Gearbox. We offer these complete HIGH QUALITY
aftermarket Actuator Gearbox, with a 2 year warranty.

2. 20% have an electronic failure, in the control unit (which is assembled in the black plastic cover).

OE numbers were the item has/can been applied on

1.OE quality gearwheels, till 240 degrees heat resistance.
2. Equipped with OE ‘’Johnson’’ DC motor.
3. Pre-calibrated CIPOS wheel position, so ‘plug and play’ (no additional calibrating needed)
4. Only high quality laser welding
5. Professional End Of Line testing for every unit.
  2 Years full European warranty!

 the aftermarket replacement is available for the following Gearbox numbers:
G-01     G-02     G-04      G-09    G-13      G-14    G-15
G-20     G-21     G-22      G-23     G-24     G-25    G-26
G-27     G-28     G-29      G-31     G-32     G-33    G-34
G-35     G-36     G-40      G-42     G-44     G-45    G-48
G-49     G-50     G-53      G-54     G-61     G-62     G-64
G-66     G-72     G-74      G-79     G-83     G-84     G-88
G-89     G-92     G-93      G-96     G-103   G-105   G-107
G-108   G-109   G-113   G-117   G-118   G-124   G-125
G-135   G-136   G-138   G-139   G-145   G-149   G-167
G-168   G-169   G-185   G-186   G-187   G-188   G-199
G-202   G-203   G-206   G-208   G-211   G-219   G-221
G-222   G-271   G-273   G-276   G-277   G-282   G-285
Technical Specifications

if you follow these simple steps for the replacement Gearbox the unit will be assembled within 5 minutes.
1.remove clips
2.remove the control unit (black plastic cover) from the Gearbox the new control unit (black plastic cover) on the Gearbox (same Gearbox number)
4.attach the six clips
5.Perform a function test for complete Actuator with a Turbo Actuator tester. (for example with the ATD-1 or the VNTT-pro).

Note: After the production of the Actuator Gearbox  , each individual Gearbox is fully tested. These tests include precise torque testing. Therefore, expensive torque testing is not needed anymore, when replacing the Actuator Gearbox with our complete aftermarket Turbo Actuator Gearbox assembly